Charlotte Lea


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My sense of aesthetic was first engaged and developed while working in the fashion industry.  Immersed in this world for 16 years, I came to understand visual subtleties and the ways they please the eye when presented with skill and intention.  Colour.  Contrast.  Composition.  Balance. 

I celebrate the acts of cooking and eating.  For me, food evokes memories of cooking in the kitchen with my mum and my cousin, of hosting evenings for friends and loved ones.  It reminds me of traveling with my family and exploring new ingredients and dishes in new places.  I learned my way around a kitchen before ever picking up a camera, and have never been able to separate my desire to create foods that taste wonderful from the desire to make them look beautiful as well.  To capture these things artfully in a photograph became a natural extension. 

When I step outside with my camera, I celebrate my surroundings.  Iā€™m fascinated by the interaction between the man-made and natural worlds.  Architecture weaves form with light, and defines structure and space. Weather and time create texture and pattern, and they all join in concert to create interest, influence mood and elevate the experience of daily life for those paying thoughtful attention. 

From the flavour profile of a dish, to how it is presented on a plate.  From the architectural lines of a building to the way it casts shadows throughout the day.  Sight.  Sound.  Taste.  Scent.  Touch.  When we approach our days with open eyes  and hearts - our food, our environment, and our families - we please the senses at the intersection of intention and happenstance.  Photography is the connective element across all my personal interests and professional work, capturing everyday bits of beauty to share with the viewer.



Domino - August 2019