Charlotte Lea



my personal project - 'colour pops'

Food is a very powerful and fascinating subject for me to photograph.  It has an incredible ability to affect our mood and health on a daily basis.  It also has an emotional connection to each and every one of us, yet we eat without giving too much thought to these things.  Food is also aesthetically pleasing in ways that are often overlooked…

We eat with our eyes first.  My intent for this project, ‘Colour Pops’, is to isolate and capture foods in ways that encourage the viewer to see them for the beautiful, colourful gifts they are, revealing new findings in our everyday. Each photograph will represent one colour and will be titled, respectively.

Relying solely on natural light, I present a combination of raw ingredients and full dishes.  Celebrating the richness of each colour is the primary focus, whilst exploring composition, pattern and texture to evoke thoughts and emotions.